Guide for Material Processing

We prepared for our customers helpful information on how to process our different materials. 

How to clean our plastic and acrylic products after laser engraving

Tips for cleaning after laser engraving

How to work with TroLase Foil

Learn how to process our brand new TroLase Foil laser engraving material.

Processing linen notebooks

Discover how to engrave our linen notebooks - perfect for a range of occasions. Learn more here.

Tips for processing laser rubber

Learn how to create professional and high-quality stamps in an efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly manner. Read the tips and tricks here.

Tips and tricks for laser engraving insulated drinking bottles

Discover how to laser engrave our new insulated drinking bottles. Learn more here.

Trotec's Metal Sheets

Here, we will walk you through all the available metal marking options there are - some processes are better than others depending on your machine and application.

Working with TroGlitter

We share laser engraving and cutting tips for working with TroGlitter.

Tips and tricks on processing TroGlass Mirror

Learn how to achieve best results when laser cutting and engraving acrylic mirror.

Processing TroCraft Eco

TroCraft Eco is an innovative, environmentally-friendly material made from pure wood fibers. Read on to learn a little more about it and how to use it.

Create bending applications
Create bending applications with Trotec materials

Discover different cutting techniques using Trotec Wood and TroGlass acrylic sheets that allow you to bend material

How to Mark Blank Metals

Learn how to mark blank metals using either a Fiber or CO2 laser.

Basic Tips for Processing Acrylic Sheets

Cast acrylic can be laser engraved and laser cut with a CO2 laser source. Read on to learn more about this flexible, innovative product.

Engravable Wood
Working with Engravable Wood

Wood is an incredibly popular material to laser process - so why don't you read on and learn how to perfectly laser process wood! There's more to it than you may know.

Laser engraving laminates

Read useful tips and tricks on how to achieve the optimum result when laser engraving laminates.

Processing TroLase Thins

Tips, tricks and instructions for processing TroLase Thins. Learn about this flexible material.

Manual cutting of Trotec materials

Read our recommendations for manual cutting of our laser and engraving materials.

What is Laserflex heat transfer engraving material?

Learn how to use Laserflex thermotransfer film for textiles.

Create permanent, black markings on metals, glass and ceramics with a CO2 laser

Learn how to use markSolid marking sprays and pastes in our tutorial.

anodised aluminium
Anodised Aluminium

What is anodised aluminium and how does aluminium engraving work?

What is cast acrylic glass?

Learn more about cast acrylic sheets, known as PMMA.

Trotec Digital Print Series

Discover the special features of this laser material for digital printing.

Tips for smoke-free processing of cork

Add a natural touch to decorative and functional applications with LaserCork. Learn more here.

LaserPaper: Wood, Synthetic & Colours

Trotec's LaserPaper range, including Wood, Synthetic and Colours. Read on to learn how to achieve the best engraving, cutting and printing results when using our LaserPaper.