Trainings - Applications and How To Guides

Step by step guide for various applications

Follow our step by step tutorials and get more familiar working with engraving materials and Trotec laser systems. Use our sample graphics and turn them easily into finished workpieces. Learn important tips and tricks that will make your daily work easier in each tutorial.

Kiss-cut stickers and labels

Learn how to laser cut and engrave stickers and labels using the kiss-cutting technique.

Thanksgiving Turkey Napkin Rings

Add some character to your dinner table with these quirky napkin rings.

DIY Laser Corkboard

Get yourself organised with this customisable corkboard made from our high-quality LaserCork.

Wooden Beard Combs

Know someone with an uncontrollable beard? These DIY laser wood beard combs are the perfect solution.

New Year's Eve Lucky Charms

Spread the festive cheer this holiday season with these cool DIY lucky charms

Wooden Flower Swing

Create an exquisite flower swing from our high-quality solid wood. The perfect addition to any home or workplace.

Vintage Inspired Diner Sign

Evoke some nostalgia and embrace the vintage charm with this classic 1950's style diner sign. Made from our hugely popular engravable acrylic, TroGlass.

TroGlass Multi-Layered Sign

The TroGlass series is the ultimate choice for a range of exquisite and eye-catching applications. Learn how to create a multi-layered sign using Trotec's TroGlass.

LaserPaper Wedding Invitations

Standout invitations are a must for any party or event. Learn how to create unique and detailed wedding invitations using Trotec's LaserPaper.

TroCraft Eco Rocking Chair Model

Not only is model making fun, it is now also environmentally friendly. Learn how to create your own rocking chair model using Trotec's environmentally sustainable material, TroCraft Eco.

Laser Cut Silhouette

Create a multi-layered artwork using Trotec's LaserPaper. These finished silhouettes make great gift ideas and decorations.

DIY Easter Decoration Ideas

Liven up your home or workplace with these creative and eye-catching Easter decorations using Trotec's DIY laser tutorials.

TroLase ADA Signage - Wall Clock

Create your own laser cut, diy wall clock: download the free template & instructions

What are plastic engraving sheets?

Learn about the technical background of the most commonly used two-layer laser engraving materials.

Laser cut stickers and labels from TroLase Lights

Read our tips and instructions how to create stickers from TroLase Lights with the Kiss Cut method.

Create laser engraved plant signs

Learn how to laser engrave and laser cut a spring-like plant sign with our TroLase Reverse.

How to easily laser engrave functional signage

Our tutorial will show you how to easily engrave signage with a step by step guide.

Laser engrave decorative items

View our step by step guide for engraving a decorative item from TroLase.

Custom-made sign - engraving a control panel

Learn how to laser engrave and laser cut custome-made signs in our handy how-to guide.

Muffin Case laser engraved
TroLase Thins Christmas decoration

Create muffin cases from TroLase Thins with the help of our step by step guide.

Cross reference
Cross Reference Table

View our handy Material Brands Cross Reference Table.